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SEO Strategies to Consider in 2019

25 Mar

seo strategies to consider in 2019Just like it does every year, in 2019 too, SEO is saying goodbye to a few old tricks and saying hello to many new and effective ones. The trends that are saying goodbye are not something to worry yourself about but, what you do need to keep your eye on are the new and coming SEO trends.

For those who need a little reminding regarding what exactly SEO is, here is a brief description. SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process through which businesses and companies around the world make sure that their desired websites/webpages/products pop up at the top of search engine search results.

By making sure their webpages appear higher up in the search results, a business can make sure that they attract more website traffic. And then, they can convert this site traffic into customers, loyal readers or whatever the website’s aim is.

As we said, there are some quite interesting SEO trends that 2019 has brought with it and to stay at the top of their game, businesses and organizations around the world should definitely adapt accordingly.

So, without any ado, here are some trending SEO strategies in 2019, brought to you by experts working in the field of SEO services ;

Google’s mobile-first indexing

Needless to say, with Google’s competitors failing to grab a significant share in the search engine market, Google has the vast majority. In short, SEO is useless if your main target isn’t Google Search.

Some time ago, smartphones overtake laptops to become the most commonly used device to access the internet. Hence, last year Google switched to mobile-first indexing. Mobile-first indexing means that Google will be using the smartphone/mobile version of your webpages for ranking.

There’s still one index for all mobile and desktop webpages, it’s just that Google will look at the mobile version. Moreover, Google is also giving a preference to sites with a mobile version over those sites that offer a desktop version only.

So, in 2019, your aim should be to make your site as mobile-friendly and seo friendly as possible. Moreover, ensure you are using a responsive design for your site and don’t forget to regularly check your website’s performance.

Page speed will be just as crucial

Users hate slow websites and Google feels the same way. Hence, websites with fast and fluid performance are being preferred over slower ones. You can find out what’s slowing down your website by taking optimization tests and then doing what the report suggests. Obviously, implementing newer features will make things faster too.

Brand name and reputation

If you didn’t know already, Google also ranks pages according to how common a brand is and what the users have to say about that brand. To help increase your brand’s mentions, backlinks are the way to go. Also, never miss to mention your brand whenever a natural opportunity arises.

Content quality is the key

Gone are the days when people could write boring gibberish, put in maximum number of keywords and get good SEO results. Today, the quality of the content matters quite a lot more. The traits of high-quality content are that it’s based on facts, it is honest and engaging, it doesn’t go overboard with the keywords and, it’s main priority is the reader (not Google.)


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