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How to do Fast indexing in Google 2019

20 May
How to index url fast in Google webmaster 2019

Everyone wants to index their website’s url fast in Google to get the benefit of search results. And they index their URL by Fetch in Google Webmaster. But when Google introduced a new Google search console. Everyone related to the web is confused about how to index URL fast in Google new Search Console (WebMaster).

But the good news is that it is not that hard to do fast index URL in Google. In Google Webmaster 2019 google changed “Fetch URL” into URL Inspection.
You only have to follow the following steps.

How to index url fast in Google webmaster 2019

On your left click Url Inspection

After Click Url Inspection Enter Your Url and press enter


Now click Request Indexing.

Once you complete the process Google will index your url Fast.


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